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January 31, 2020

Cadillac has “unfinished business” at Le Mans – team boss Wayne Taylor

Cadillac has “unfinished business” at Le Mans – team boss Wayne Taylor

Taking Cadillac back to the Le Mans 24 Hours has been described by Wayne Taylor as “unfinished business” after his team’s second consecutive Daytona 24 Hours victory last weekend.

He outlined hopes of returning to the French enduro with Cadillac in the wake of Wayne Taylor Racing’s domination of the IMSA SportsCar Championship opener and the rules accord between the North American series and Le Mans organiser the Automobile Club de l’Ouest.

The tie-up will allow the next generation of IMSA prototypes to race in the World Endurance Championship alongside LM Hypercars under the LMDh banner from the start of the 2021/22 season.

“I’ve always said that Le Mans is unfinished business for myself and Cadillac,” said Taylor, who was a partner in the 3GR operation that masterminded the marque’s assault on the race in 2001 and 2002.

“The chance to go to Le Mans and win overall is inspiring.

“With the new discussions between IMSA and the ACO, I can’t think of anything that is more exciting than me, Max [Angelelli, WTR co-owner] and this team to be able to go with Cadillac and try to win Le Mans.”

But he warned that the costs of competing at Le Mans, especially if it is part of a full campaign on the WEC, would likely be prohibitive for a non-factory team like his.

“I am a bit wary because all the talk is about manufacturers — is there a place for a team like ours?” he said.

“It’s hard enough to find $6 million for an IMSA programme, so it’s difficult to imagine finding $15-20 million to do the WEC.

“There has got to be an understanding that an independent team can’t write a cheque for that kind of money.”

Taylor joked that Cadillac should sign up WTR as a factory team when asked after the race at Daytona what the victory meant to him.

“What it should mean is that Cadillac should pay us a lot of money and say you guys are the factory team, and to hell with the other Cadillacs,” he said.

He then added: “The good thing is that I am 63 years’ old and I can get away with saying whatever I want.”

Taylor has been a key player in Cadillac’s recent sportscar racing history.

He put together and drove for the Doyle Racing squad that did the double at Daytona and the Sebring 12 Hours in 1996, before taking the team’s Cadillac-engined Riley & Scott MkIII to Le Mans.

He drove for Cadillac when it returned to Le Mans in the LMP ranks in 2000 and then took over the project from Riley & Scott together with designer Nigel Stroud and team principal Jeff Hazell, his partners in 3GR, for the following season (pictured below).

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Formula E teases Gen2EVO bodykit that will get “self-policing” wing

Formula E has teased an image of the updated bodykit design that it has dubbed the ‘Gen2EVO’, which will be revealed in full next week.

FE has long been set to update the look of its Gen2 car at the end of the current 2019-20 campaign – as it did with its Gen1 design ahead of its third season in 2016/17.

The initial image of the Gen2EVO that FE has released reveals that the new bodykit will drop the enclosed wheel arches that are a notable feature of the Gen2 car.

The front wing is also set to be significantly different, as the teaser image suggests it has been brought back towards the front wheels under what appears to be a raised nose – compared the current design.

Autosport understands that the Gen2EVO’s front wing will curve back above the nose, but it is not set to reattach to the nose – as was the case with the updated Gen1 bodykit.

The front wing area is understood to be less forgiving overall should it be damaged, which is part of a bid to reduce the amount of car-to-car contact seen in FE races since the start of the Gen2 era in 2018-19.

As revealed by Autosport, introducing a “self-punishing” front end has been a key target of both FE and the FIA since the early races of last season featured high levels of contact.

With the new nose design, it is understood that if a driver damages their front wing, they will be shown the black/orange flag and will have pit for repairs.

Autosport understands that the overall changes for the Gen2EVO will create a much more sleek overall design, along the lines of more traditional open-wheel cars.

FE’s teaser tweet indicates a digital launch of the new bodykit will take place on February 4, but a physical launch at the 2020 Geneva Motor Show in March – in a similar manner to the official unveiling of the Gen2 design back in ’18 – is also expected.

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