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February 2, 2020

What would The Last of Us Part 2 look like on PSOne? Dreams shows us.

What would The Last of Us Part 2 look like on PSOne? Dreams shows us.

Would The Last of Us Part 2 on the original PlayStation be just as interesting? Dunno. Does it look interesting? For sure.

Ben “Bearly Regal” Parker, who hallucinated a Cyberpunk 2077 demake three weeks ago, and a Death Stranding PSOne adaptation back in the summer, puts his low-poly skills to another subject of intense interest: The Last of Us Part 2, coming in four months from Naughty Dog. Parker put this together in Dreams, Media Molecule’s expansive game-creation toolkit for PlayStation 4, whose early access period has seen numerous homages and remakes of classic titles. (Dreams itself is due for a full launch in just a couple of weeks).

Like his treatment of Death Stranding, TLOU2 has a spot-on, stripped-down, shabby mid-1990s aesthetic to it, from menus to the missions. In the clip above, Ellie is trying to link back up with Joel at the Seattle-area safe house, which we’ve scene in past demonstrations of the game.

Then she runs into a mob of Clickers — whose looks suffer the most of anyone’s in this backward compatibility thought exercise. But keeping quiet still lets Ellie sneak out of their way and onto a gabled roof.

Parker’s guitar accompaniment caught the notice of Neil Druckmann, the game’s writer and director.

The Last of Us Part 2 launches May 29 on PlayStation 4. Dreams is available Feb. 14, also on PS4.

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SNL’s Frozen 2 deleted scenes say all the quiet parts out loud

Frozen 2’s deleted scenes, according to Saturday Night Live, would definitely make its Blu-Ray a collector’s item. Kate McKinnon as Elsa and Cecily Strong as Anna certainly, uh, go there with a few topics on the minds of many.

Yeah, so, we’re probably pretty sure about Elsa already, especially following her “Show Yourself” number. And as Anna points out, the raging Twitter-storm over Elsa speaks for itself, too. Whatever, the lack of any romantic interest doesn’t bother Elsa anyway.

J.J. Watt, fresh off five minutes of self-deprecation in the Madden NFL 21 sketch shows up in a hideous bowl cut to tout Kristof’s “big and woke” credentials. And Kenan Thompson’s Lt. Mattias is certainly not making any kind of token appearance responding to a whitewashing controversy; shame on you for even suggesting that.

We’re guessing that whatever impolite questions Disney may have raised with its treatment of Frozen 2’s characters, they’re sufficiently answered by $1.325 billion and a championship belt saying “world’s biggest grossing animated film of all time.”

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