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March 5, 2020

Racing Point “can sit on coat-tails” of top F1 teams in 2020

Racing Point “can sit on coat-tails” of top F1 teams in 2020

Racing Point believes its model of partnering with a manufacturer will help it “sit on the coat-tails” of Formula 1’s bigger teams, having built a Mercedes-inspired car for 2020.

The Silverstone-based outfit’s RP20 has drawn on significant visual cues from last year’s Mercedes design, helped by it using the suspension, gearbox and wind tunnel of the German car manufacturer.

While some rivals are unhappy about its move, because they believe all F1 teams should design and build their own cars, Racing Point is clear that it only done what is allowed in the rules.

With its pace looking promising for the season ahead too, technical director Andrew Green thinks that its approach is something that will suit it for the longer term.

“We can sit on the coat-tails of some of the big teams,” he said. “And why not? For a team like us with 400-500 people it is a great place to be.”

Green said that without the finances to be able to take on the might of manufacturer teams like Mercedes and Ferrari, receiving assistance from elsewhere was very important.

“I think our strategy is always to be a small/medium sized team,” he said. “It makes sense financially, and being under a cost cap, to be working with a manufacturer on some components.

“We have been working that way since we worked with McLaren on gearbox hydraulics.

“We’ve had gearbox and hydraulics from Mercedes since 2015 and we just expanded that supply ever so slightly for this year.

“We will be evaluating it in under the new regulations as well but I think there’s cost benefit to be had.”

Green said that Racing Point’s decision to abandon its own design to pursue something totally different that had been proved by another team was the result of the outfit simply having cash available to make the change.

Asked if it was a mistake not to have done this before, Green said: “For sure. But we couldn’t go this route earlier.

“Our hands were tied financially, and had been for many, many years. We had to carry over a huge amount of components from one year to the next.

“It wasn’t possible to do a reset like we’ve done.

“We didn’t have the financial resources, we didn’t have the people, and we didn’t have the manufacturing capability as well.

“It takes a lot of infrastructure change to be able to do what we’ve just done.”

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NASCAR legend Johnson set for IndyCar test with Arrow-McLaren

Seven-time NASCAR Cup champion Jimmie Johnson will make his IndyCar debut at Barber Motorsports Park next month in a test with Arrow-McLaren.

The 44-year-old Californian, who is due to retire from full-time NASCAR competition at season’s end, attended last month’s IndyCar Spring Training and expressed enthusiasm for broadening his range of experience.

However, he remained coy on the subject of specific dates.

Johnson – who tested a Formula 1 car for McLaren in a ride-swap with Fernando Alonso at Bahrain in 2018 – announced via Twitter that he would renew his association with the brand in a run at Barber in April.

“So much for a roomy interior” he captioned a couple of images of the cockpit of an Arrow McLaren SP-Chevrolet.

He followed this up with the message: “It means my friends at Arrow-McLaren SP offered to let me jump in a car and test with them next month at Barber Motorsports Park.

With Alonso driving a third AMSP-Chevrolet at the Indy 500 – and possibly the GMR Grand Prix of Indianapolis – in May, and the availability of highly respected R&D engineer Craig Hampson to serve as race engineer on a third entry on any given IndyCar race weekend, the possibility of Arrow McLaren SP to run three cars on a semi-regular basis throughout 2020 is now very real.

Team co-owner Sam Schmidt has long stated that he would like to run a third full-time car in 2021.

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