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July 11, 2020

Team FreeStyle to miss PUBG Mobile World League due to game ban in Pakistan

Team FreeStyle to miss PUBG Mobile World League due to game ban in Pakistan

The Pakistani team FreeStyle is not allowed to play PUBG Mobile World League due to the ban imposed on game by PTA.

The message was conveyed to the team manager FS Black on discord which stated the following:

Unfortunately, the team won’t be allowed to play in the PMWL as long as the game is banned in Pakistan. We are very sorry for this, but we cannot go against the government’s laws. The team will still receive weekly attendance prize money even if you are not playing. Let’s hope the government unbans the game as soon as possible.

PUBG Mobile was recently banned in Pakistan on a temporary basis due to health concerns of the younger generation. The decision took a heavy toll on Team FreeStyle who won PMCO Spring Split Pakistan and gained their slot in World League but unfortunately will not be able to play it.

The team leader and manager FS Black expressed his concerns on this issue and they are pursuing this matter to unban the game.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) banned the game last week after receiving many complaints. This decision impacted the PUBG Mobile Esports officials to convey their decision to team FreeStyle as they need to abide by the government laws and regulations.

The team is promised their weekly attendance prize money even if they are not playing which is a good news on their side.

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Indian Army bans PUBG Mobile

Amid the escalating tension between India and China, the Indian Government had recently banned 59 Chinese apps which had gained an insane amount of popularity in India. The ban had included well known apps like Cam Scanner, Helo, Tik Tok and even some games like Mobile Legends.

This time, it’s the Indian army who have imposed another wave of bans to 89 smartphone apps, and this time it’s not only the Chinese apps which are banned.

This recent ban wave included all sorts of apps ranging from renowned social media apps like Facebook, Instagram and Reddit, messaging platforms like Viber and Hike, web browsers like UC Browser, video streaming platforms like Vmate and LiveMe, games like PUBG and even dating apps like Tinder.

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