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August 26, 2020

India’s Education Ministry to support students to pursue ‘online gaming’ as a career soon

India’s Education Ministry to support students to pursue ‘online gaming’ as a career soon

India’s Union Education Ministry is planning to encourage and work on ‘online gaming’ as a viable career option. According to several reports, the ministry is working to support the students in the field of online gaming and toy-making so as to generate employment opportunities for them.

Education Ministry is going to implement innovative ways to cultivate an interest in toy making. A special training program will be launched for this process, in which students will be taught the art of puppet and toy making.

Not just India, several other countries across the world have displayed their utter interest in the gaming and esports sector. European countries have gone one step ahead in creating esports committees and association to oversee the events and operations of the gaming industry.

Indian PM joins Danish counter-part to prompt interest in esports & gaming

Apart from this, Union Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank stated that “Soon a hackathon will be organized for students of higher education institutions through innovation in toy technology and design, including online games. This hackathon will be based on technology and design reflecting Indian ethos and values.”

Answering the queries about employment possibilities in the online gaming spectrum, the minister cites a reference made by PM Modi in a recent meeting about the untapped potential in the toy industry and how India can emerge as a potential candidate in the online gaming industry.

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Blizzard To Create World of Warcraft Animated Series: Shadowlands Afterlives

Shadowlands Afterlives

Blizzard is delivering a unique animated Series on World of Warcraft, titled Shadowlands Afterlives, the developer declared today. The hereafters will debut this Thursday during Gamescom 2020’s online festivals. The series premieres this week at Gamescom. It will be interesting to see how World of Warcraft Mythic carry will be displayed in the series.

It’s a move that feels unavoidable; Blizzard has since quite a while ago advertised its games, from World of Warcraft to Hearthstone and Overwatch, with wonderfully enlivened shorts. They’re an approach to publicity characters or stories — limited time material that seldom has a long tail.

Blizzard has not yet confirmed just how many of the MMORPG franchise’s former heroes and villains will actually make an appearance in the series. However, it is expected for them to confirm this at some point during Thursday’s Gamescom 2020 premiere.

Gamescom will take place on August 27 at 10:00 AM, Pacific Daytime Standard Time. The online event will run through August 30.

Shadowlands Afterlives

Afterlives is the first unique arrangement that takes the legend of World of Warcraft and transforms it into an independent entertainment title.

This new series for Shadowlands isn’t something World of Warcraft fans should pass up. The principal trailer exhibits some intriguing goodies for fans, including Garrosh being tormented by the Venthyr.

Nonetheless, the greatest uncover so far shows the last gathering of Arthas and Uther on the combat zone directly toward the finish of the uncover trailer. This denotes a famous second in World of Warcraft legend and is something we can hardly wait to see a greater amount of.

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