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October 25, 2020

FAU-G Teaser Revealed: Releasing November 2020

FAU-G Teaser Revealed: Releasing November 2020

FAU-G has released a teaser video on the auspicious occasion of Indian festival Dussehra. The game has been well received by the Indian community as one of the titles that showcase the valor of Indian army. The bollywood actor and one of the representative of FAU-G has released a minute-long teaser trailer on the social media.

FAU-G Teaser:

The teaser showcases hints on how FAU-G is going to look like and clearly reveals several references that points towards the Galwan Valley incident. Indian army can be seen clashing with the enemies in this trailer. The teaser also sheds light on how the graphics of this game are going to look like. It may not be as flashy and clean as its supposed competitor PUBG but the storyline can be considered interesting and mostly inclined towards patriotic sensation for its Indian player base.

FAU-G was announced amidst the rising political tensions between India and China along the LAC. The game was announced only a few days after PUBG Mobile was banned in India and hence, this game was seen as a potential replacement to the latter.

According to the Indian Express, Vishal Gondal, Co-founder of nCore Games which is the developer of FAUG commented on this comparison. “There’s a belief that Indian game developers can’t produce good quality games, at nCore we want to prove that mentality wrong and bring out games that can compete with international games,” Gondal said. “Our team of developers are highly qualified and capable of developing games as good as PUBG or any other international games.”

The teaser does not reveal any final dates that can confirm the launch of FAU-G but releasing a trailer points towards a potential launch of this game in upcoming month of November. Indian players can enjoy a home-bred game that could be more of a story-based game than a battle-royale like PUBG Mobile.

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How To Remake In Valorant

On September 1st, Riot Games introduced a new feature to their competitive shooter Valorant that allowed players to initiate a ‘Remake’ vote if the teams were uneven.

What’s a Remake vote?

If successfully passed before the start of the first round, the Remake vote will entirely cancel the game and queue the present players for another one. The match won’t be counted, which means that players will be sent back to the main menu without any MMR or XP adjustments. The remade games won’t appear in match history either.

How to initiate a Remake vote

A Remake vote can only be initiated when one or more players leave at the start of the game.

If you find your team in a 4v5 matchup where your teammate has abandoned at round start, you can launch the vote by typing “/remake” in chat. Once done, players will have to vote on whether to pass the vote or not (similar to surrender vote). For a remake vote to be successfully passed, the voting must be unanimous.

The player who abandoned the match will still receive a full MMR loss for the game alongside a leaver penalty equivalent to disconnecting from a full match.

Remember, the Remake vote can only be launched if a player abandons before the second round. For instance, the game will still count as a full game if a player disconnects five rounds into the game.

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