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November 8, 2020

Lando Norris launches esports team

Lando Norris launches esports team

Lando Norris, a British Formula One driver, started the team for esports and content development.

Team Quadrant, which launched on 6 November, is said to concentrate on gaming, competition, and the development of content.

The driver currently racing for McLaren has amassed more than 600,000 Twitch followers, partially because of the delayed start of the 2020 F1 season.

“Quadrant is something I have long wanted to do,” Norris said to BBC Sport. “While racing will be a priority and a bigger passion than nearly any other sport, Quadrant will hopefully spread to several other sporting and gaming categories,” he added.

Alongside Norris, Aarav Amin, and Steve “Super GT” Alvarez Brown, creators of sim content, along with Niran “FNG” Yesufu, and “RiaBish” creators of gaming content, have joined the Quadrant team.

After the French pilot Romain Grojean launches R8 G eSports, a sim racing team that competes on different platforms, Norris becomes the second F1 driver to join the sports arena.

The company would first concentrate on the development of content and the growth of its online presence before it focuses on esports.

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Eunice Chen, Cloud9 Advisor, announces new esports careers platform

Eunice Chen, the former Riot Games Event Manager and current cloud9 consultant, launched, a new platform designed to support people who want to start their esports careers.

The first initiative of the platform will be its “alpha class,” which begins on Monday 9 November. During the six-week free school, two meetings and salutation appointments will be held with Chen, a virtual event every two weeks, and a mentoring of many seasoned industry veterans.

Overall, the project aims to educate participants who have just begun their esports journey and adapt them to take action in this field.

“I am excited to merge my work experience and passion for helping others create a culture of information transfer in esports,” commented Eunice Chen, former Marketing VP of Cloud9 and the founder of Enlight is the forum I would like to be driven and trained as I grew up in the industry and dreamed of becoming a gamer.

“My aim is to eliminate obstacles to the exchange of expertise for esports veterans and to access this training through next-generation sports professionals.”

The website of the platform illustrates and teaches some of the subjects that include understanding the environments of the sports, career planning, talent management, and acquisition, plus management of social media. In addition, the platform will include tracks on sports law, tours, and event talent in the industry to ensure that preparation is offered for the enhancement of the overall esports ecosystem.

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