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December 7, 2020

WoW: How To Gear Up In Shadowlands Season 1

WoW: How To Gear Up In Shadowlands Season 1

Gearing in World of Warcraft can be complicated, but Shadowlands has made steps to improve the layers of complication so let’s take a look at them.

Firstly, all the information in this article is based on Shadowlands Season 1 having started (December 9) which will mean the Normal/Heroic Castle Nathria raid is opened and the Mythic + season and Rated Arena is in full flow.

With that out the way, let’s look at some of the best ways to get gear in WoW: Shadowlands Season 1. We’ll list each method in order of the best item level.

World Quests and Covenant Campaign Set

One of the earliest and easiest ways to get gear early into your gearing adventure is via World Quests and Callings (the daily adventure you’ll be sent on). You’ll normally get around two or three item World Quests per day, with another selection of Conduit World Quest. These short three-to-five minute quests will be found over the four main zones of the Shadowlands and can be completed solo or in a group.

As for the Covenant Campaign set, while the Item level is not as high, some of the early pieces are nice and you’ll get the ability to upgrade them as you progress in your weekly campaign. For alts specifically, due to leveling up your covenant faster, you’ll be able to pick up this set much faster, so it will likely be a better option on alts.

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Crafting and Professions

Crafting is a fantastic way to get yourself up to a respectable item level before you hit level 60 as you look to move in dungeons and raiding. Crafted gear will get you into the high 155 level, with 161 available via Crafters Mark Rank 2. Gear can be made by Tailors, Blacksmiths, and Leatherworkers, with jewelry and a few weapons made by Inscription and Jewelcrafting.

While leveling your crafting, you’ll also start to come across Legendary Crafting items (more on that later) which are well worth your time and will give you a great item for selling. Crafting will never be your end game goal, however, with some focus on leveling up crafting as you level you can find yourself with a nice set of gear ready for you when you hit 60. If done well, you could even avoid most of the World Quest gearing mentioned above.

Dungeons and Mythic +

This is your only farmable source of gear that can be done all day. With Normal and Heroic dungeons, you’ll be able to get some decent starting loot. For those of you who are healers or tanks, you’ll also get near-instant queues, so gearing up will be fast. The final dungeon level before Mythic + is Mythic dungeons, often just called M0. These are once per week, though offer you your first look at some of the epic gear in the game. These dungeons are also your best chance of getting some legendary drops to star crafting legendary equipment.

Mythic Plus (M+) is the final pillar of the Dungeon rotation. These are much harder than Mythic versions, scaling higher with the key you use. These dungeons are also timed and will require you to find a group beforehand and plan accordingly. Thankfully, with the scaling on the ilvl of the loot and the replayability of M+, you’ll be able to spam these to your heart’s content. Providing you can find keys.


The final pillar of gearing via PVE comes from raiding. With loot scaling from LFR, Normal, Heroic, and finally Mythic. LFR is separated into three wings and allows you to sign up to play with random players via the in-game Raid Finder. Though LFR offers the lowest item level, it doesn’t require the time commitment that raiding at the higher levels does.

With Normal and above, you’ll need to enter with a group of friends. Starting at 10, and going up to 30 for Normal and Heroic. With Mythic, the hardest mode is locked to 20. For modes above LFR (especially early in the release of the raid) you’ll need to find a guild to get this content done. The rewards are well worth it though. Mythic raids have the highest level gear in the game for PVE content, so it’s certainly worth seeking out the challenge.

Final Checklist

Finally, if you need to find that next source of loot, a handy website has been set up to help you with just that. Warcraftplan, is a new site that allows you to find specific ilvl pieces so that you can help fill those final gaps in your set.

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Where To Find All NPCs in Fortnite Season 5

Find out where you can locate all NPCs in Fortnite Season 5.

Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 5, better known as the Zero Point, is in full swing after releasing less than a week ago. With the dust cleared from Galactus’ defeat from Season 4’s conclusion, there’s a whole lot of new content to digest. Season 5’s storyline brought together a group of unlikely mercenaries to prevent others from escaping ‘The Loop.’ One of the new mechanics this season is the ‘Bars system,’ where players can collect gold bars to exchange for weapons, quests and even bounties. You might be wondering where you can spend your hard-earned gold bars.

The answer to that question is virtually everywhere. Players can turn in gold bars with interactable non-player characters (NPCs) located across the entire map. Some of these characters are at significant points of interest like Lazy Lake and Misty Meadows; others are at unnamed locations. Each offers a variety of different options worth taking a look for a variety of reasons.

All NPC Locations in Season 5

Thanks to content creators like meetlootllama on Twitter, we have a comprehensive map of where to find all NPCs this season. These characters range from Big Chuggus to Mancakes and everyone in between. There are roughly 40 in total spread across the expansive landscape. Here is the list of services that each NPC provides when engaging in dialogue:

  • Quests – Earn gold bars by completing challenges
  • Duel – Defeat NPCs to capture their weapon
  • Upgrade – Some NPCs offer a weapon upgrade option
  • Bounty – Place a price on an opposing player’s head and reap the gold rewards
  • Hire – Add an NPC to your team and they will help you fight opponents

Five of the forty characters sell newly added Exotic weapons, which are purchasable for 1,225 gold bars each. The Mandalorian is also on the map above, but he will attack any players near him, unlike the others. To be completely transparent, some NPCs don’t offer a lot of incentives outside of bounties. The most popular characters are those that sell Exotic weapons. However, if you are looking to earn gold, there are some relatively easy quests, such as hiding in haystacks and consuming apples.

Epic Games has not released additional plans for the NPCs as this season progresses.

Stay tuned to ESTNN for more Fortnite news and updates!

Featured Image: Epic Games

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