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February 10, 2021

Best esports teams drop in value in 2020

Best esports teams drop in value in 2020

The average value of the top 10 eSports teams flowed at $240 million in 2020, following a 54 percent rise in 2019, according to the research data analyzed and released by Safe Betting Platforms. It was $188 million of the median value.

But the eSport scene has been rising dramatically in recent years. In 2020, four of the top 10 teams were rated at more than $300 million on the basis of a Visual Capitalist survey. Just one in 2018 had a valuation of 300 million dollars.

TSM generated 50% of 2020 eSports revenue, 100 thieves 35%, FaZe Clan 20%.

In 2020, formerly named Team SoloMid, TSM overcame the charts with an evaluation of $410 million. This was a 3% rise compared to 2019. Cloud 9 was second at 350 million dollars, down 13% from 400 million dollars in 2019. Team Liquid has fallen 3% year on year by $310 million (YoY). With $305 million, FaZe Clan was fourth, up 27 percent in 2019 from $240 million. 100 Thieves were fifth at $190 million, up from $160 million by 19percent YoY.

The top-ten teams have diversified over and beyond eSports. TSM only produced 50% of its eSports revenue, whereas the remainder was provided by Blitz. Just 20% of the eSports and 80% of videos on their stars and gaming culture have been created by Faze Clan Meanwhile, 100 Thieves accounted for 35% of their eSports sales. The remainder came from his studio and training center, and 2Hype begins on YouTube.

The only teams in the top-five of post-appraisal decreases were Team Liquid and Cloud Nine. 89% and 70% of the revenues generated by eSports, respectively.

Esports are still far from conventional sports. The lowest-value NFL team, to show that the top 10, was $2.0 billion, compared to $150 million.

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Logitech and epic.Lan announce new partnership

The UK event organizer for games and esports epic.LAN announced a collaboration with the Logitech G peripheral company.

The release notes that during its online and offline activities in 2021, the collaboration will seek to introduce ‘a variety of changes’ to casual and competitive players of epic.LAN. This includes competitions for the activities that have boosted award pools during the year.

The 2021 epic.LAN esports tournaments include those of CSGO, Rainbow Six Siege, Starcraft 2, and VALORANT that started last year on epic31 Online.

Logitech G was also appointed the official 2021 partner for the periphery.

Although known mainly for their off-line pandemic in the United Kingdom, epic.LAN has become a format for the online pandemic (epic.WAN). However, amid its strategy changes, Overclockers, nobles and epic.LAN has still managed to secure a variety of partners in their 2021 activities.

The next event for the event manager will be held completely online on February 25th.

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